Delta 8 Mouth Party

Delta 8 Sex Oil - Delta-89 thc sensual oils

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Welcome to the new frontier of sex and cannabis. It’s a party and, well, everyone is invited.

Formulated with precision dosing of Delta-8 distillate and supportive botanicals like Rose and Damiana, this delicate little Mouth Party wants to lift you up no matter what sort of exploits you’re into.  Increase pleasure, heighten sensation, and embrace those sexy vibes – we love to please.

Delta 8 Distillate Feels Great

Delta 8 is known for clarity, and a less altered sensation. So stay light and tune in with yourself and whoever else you might be playing with.  

Like a deliberate romp, we would never rush a good thing. We bolster the Oregon grown D8 by blending in Organic Damiana Leaf, Rose Petal, and Rosehips. We use a tempered two-week steeping process to pull the bright properties from our botanicals and then pass all of our ingredients through a vacuum extraction process that leaves us with the highest quality quality ethanol and glycerine extract on the market.

Enjoy a dropper full 20 minutes before play time.

Formulated to support a deeper and more intense connection.


Oregon Grown Delta-8, Rose Petal*, Rosehip*, Damiana*, Vegetable Glycerine* (*Certified Organic)


Hemp derived, FDA compliant contains no Delta 9 THC
No additives, emulsifiers
Vegan and gluten-free